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Antenatal Diagnosis of Heart Diseases

L. Gozar, I. Muntean, C. Mărginean, R. Togănel

Abstract: Congenital heart disease have an incidence of 8/1000 live births, representing the most frequent congenital defects. Echocardiography is the only diagnostic tool for heart disease in fetus. Between January 2009 and September 2010, 45 pregnant women with gestational age between 20 and 37 weeks were evaluated by echocardiography for fetal cardiac disease. In 10 cases there was a normal pregnancy, in 31 cases a con genital heart disease was found and in 4 patients arrhythmia was diagnosed, among them in 2 cases cardiac secondary modification due to arrhythmia was found. Fetal echocardiography has a key role in antenatal diagnosis of heart disease, allowing the elaboration of the most efficient therapeutic strategy.
Keywords: fetal echocardiography, con ge ni tal heart disease, pregnancy

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