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Prenatal Ultrasound Diagnosis of Cervical Teratoma

C. Ionescu, H. Haradja, D. Gheorghiu, T. Vlădescu, I. Pacu, M. Dimitriu

Abstract: The fetal face and neck represents one of the key anatomic regions in ultrasound investigation from a pscyhological and clinical standpoint point of view. Although the sonographic appearence of some masses is characteristic, a substantial overlap exist in echotexture of the masses of the face and neck. In addition to analysing the echotexture of the mass, at tempts should be made to determine: the site of origin, the presence of distortion of surrounding anatomy, the presence or absence of other malformations and polyhidramnios. Cervical teratomas are very rare and account for 5% of all teratomas. The majority of them are benign, often large and produce airway obstruction. We present a rare case of a very large cervical teratoma diagnosed at a late gestational age.
Keywords: cervical teratoma, sonographic di ag nosis, polyhidramnios

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