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Surrogate Motherhood

J. G. Schenker

Abstract: There are several situations which may indicate the use of surrogacy like infertility due to uterine factors or medical conditions which make pregnancy and delivery dangerous. The advanced of assisted reproductive technology (ART) made complete surrogacy possible. The infertile woman donates the oocyte and her husband donates the sperm. The pre-embryo, formed by in vitro fertilization, is placed in the womb of another woman, the surrogate mother. Surrogacy is a source of great controversy in society, the medical profession and the public. The practice of surrogacy is not considered to be a medical treatment according to The World Health Organization. The implementation of surrogate motherhood in an IVF program gives rise to several legal problems. Ethical committees in several countries have dealt with the issue of surrogacy. Surrogacy practice may affect individual liberty, equality and the family. On the one hand, surrogacy appears to reinforce the traditional family by allowing infertile married couples to create biologically-related children. On the other, surrogacy possesses the potential to radically destabilize and disrupt the traditional concept of the family.
Keywords: Surrogacy, ART, Ethics and Reproduction, Legalizing medical practice

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