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Natural Killer uterine cells in normal pregnancy, recurrent pregnancy loss and preeclampsia

C. Constantinescu, I. Enăchescu, C. Văduva, A. Văduva

Abstract: Decidual transformation of endometrium is a key feature of normal implantation and subsequently normal pregnancy. There is a close correlation between unusual leukocyte population, uterine natural killer (NK) cells, and the onset of decidualization. These uterine NK cells are in close contact with stromal cells and surrounding vessels and glands. These cells derive predominantly from a subset of peripheral blood NK cells, which under hormonal influence gets recruited to the uterus. The role of these cells in human pregnancy is not yet well defined, furthermore, it is considered that fosters the placental and trophoblast growth and ensures immunomodulation at the maternal-fetal interface. There are data showing the involvement of uterine natural killer cells in the pathogenesis of unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) and preeclampsia.
Keywords: MIF (macrophage inhibitory factor), LIF (leukemia inhibitory factor), cytokine, recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL)

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