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Surgical Treatment of Advanced Urogenital Prolapse Using Transobturatory Cervicocolpopexy

G. Bumbu, M. C. Berechet, A. Bumbu, C. S. Uebbing

Abstract: In the treatment of advanced urogenital prolapse the princeps procedure consist in strengthening the anterior and posterior compartments and fixation of the vaginal apex using two polypropylene meshes (inert material easily incorporated and accepted in the tissues of a patient). This procedure was used in Oradea Urology Clinic (67 procedures in 5 years) each time when a patient was able to afford the price of the implant. Between April 2010 and December 2010 a new procedure was performed on 9 patients with advanced urogenital prolapse using only one synthetic implant in combination with the colpoperineoraphy classic technique. After the initial experience the use of this technique compare to the princeps procedure stress out the reduced number of intra and post-operatory complications (hemorrhage, erosions) determined by the less number of trajects (four instead of six), offering in the meantime a better financial solution for the patient (the financial costs are supported by the Romanian state insurance system).
Keywords: transobturatory cervicocolpopexy, ad vanced urogenital prolapse, polypropylene mesh

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