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Research and perspectives for stem cell therapy using human umbilial cord blood in diabetes

C. M. Pena, O. Olaru, R. M. Pîrcălabu, I. Răducanu

Abstract: In the recent years human umbilical cord blood (HUCB) – a valuable alternative to the use of other stem cell sources - has emerged as an attractive tool for cell based therapy. A rising number of studies show potential for further application in treatment of nonhematopoetic diseases. The ex vivo expansion of hematopoetic stem cells is a very promising approach for different clinical applications. The topic of this paper is to emphasize the importance of the potential for converting HUCB - derived stem cells into insulin producing beta-cells. In vitro expansion prior to transplantation appears to be the only way to increase the low number of stem cells required for appropriate number of islet beta-cells in a single patient. Even if it is not likely that HUCB contains pancreatic progenitors, there is possible that HUCB stem cells to be able to differentiate toward pancreatic beta cells.
Keywords: stem cell, transplant, umbilical cord blood, diabetes

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