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Laparovaginal surgery in early cervical cancer

E. Brătilă, P. Brătilă

Abstract: To demonstrate the role of laparovaginal surgery as minimal invasive method in early cervical cancer.We operated 44 patients between 2006 and 2011, with cervical cancer IA2-IB1 stages in private practice. In 21 cases we performed radical trachelectomy with sentinel node sampling and in 23 cases radical vaginal hysterectomy (Schauta Stoeckel) with laparoscopic pelvic lymphadenectomy. The deep surgical technique is further presented. This study presents the data concerning operative time, blood loss, and perioperative complication.Using the combination of vaginal and laparoscopic surgery we offer to the surgeon the possibility to conserve the anatomy and function in early cervical cancer. This study is relevant as it presents a significant number of patients with radical trachelectomy - a procedure not very frequently reported in the literature. The authors consider it significant also in regard with the 100% survival rate.
Keywords: cervical cancer, radical hysterectomy, radical trachelectomy, vaginal laparoscopic lymphadenectomy

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