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Coagulation disorder in the puerperal septic complications

C. Georgescu, M. Mitran, C. P. Began

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to identify by specific evaluation the pregnancies with haemorragic risk due to inflamatory / infectious causes. There were investigated 10142 pregnancies with associated pathology, at risk for haemorragy due to coagulopathy, during 1998-2007. The rate of delivery by cesarean versus vaginal birth is 23.7% vs 76.3%. Infectious syndrome occured in 115 cases (1,007%): 87 after vaginal delivery and 28 after cesarean delivery. After vaginal delivery were registered wound complications in 81 cases and bronchopneumonia in 6 cases. Coagulation disorders registered were: thrombocitopenia <100.000/mmc in 328 cases, low fibrinogen concentration <160 mg/dL in 56 cases, and anemia HbKeywords: coagulation, haemorrage, septic, pregnancy, puerperal

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