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Colecystitis during pregnancy

M. Moga, I. Giurgiu

Abstract: Cholecystitis is a relatively uncommon disease in pregnancy, but it`s presence can seriously modify the course and outcome of the pregnancy. Cholecystitis and acute cholecystitis, can be difficult to recognize, due to the lack of the maternal body reactivity, although it is a serious condition. Ultrasound examination has the most important role in the diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the initial treatment plan should be conservative: antibiotics, digestive repause and supportive therapy. Subsequent management depends on the gestational age. Surgical therapy, when needed, should not be delayed, and, if possible, planned during the second trimester, for a better outcome. Surgery performed under emergent conditions has poorer results. Laparoscopic surgery should be taken into consideration, being more elegant and less harmful. Due to the new findings and the development of new techniques, laparoscopy is becoming the new election method in the surgical treatment of cholecystitis in pregnancy.
Keywords: acute cholecystitis, pregnancy, ultrasound examination, conservative therapy, laparoscopic surgery.

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