"> DOI:10.18643/gieu.2014.168
"> DOI:10.18643/gieu.2014.168
"/> Cervical neuroendocrine tumors. A literature review
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Cervical neuroendocrine tumors. A literature review

B. Lintoiu, N. Bacalbașa, C. Ionescu

Abstract: Neuroendocrine cervical tumors represent rare but very aggressive malignancies, accounting for almost 0.4% of all cervical neoplasia. Four types of cervical neuroendocrine tumors have been described: small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma, large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma, typical and atypical carcinoid tumors. Due to their rarity standard therapeutic protocols are hard to be established. We present a literature review regarding pathogenesis, the role of surgery and the most important prognostic factors for this rare gynecological malignancy.

Keywords: neuroendocrine, cervical tumors, radiotherapy, prognostic factors.

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