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Rolul compartimentului matern, fetal şi placentar în reglarea endocrină a creşterii şi dezvoltării fetale
Role of maternal, fetal and placental factors in endocrine fetal growth regulation

J. Marin

Abstract: Normal fetal growth developement is the result of the interactions of many factors between the mother, placenta and the fetus. The placenta is a key factor în the normal developement of thepregnancy by its wide variety of functions, especially nutritional, transport, endocrine, imunologic and barrier function. Endocrine and metabolic changes during pregnancy is the result of physiological alterations of the maternal-fetal interface. Many of endocrine and metabolic adaptative changings during pegnancy can be the result of direct signalling from feto-placental unit.
Keywords: fetal growth, placenta, growth factors

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