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Listeriosis in Pregnancy: a Public Health Problem in Romania?

M. Popa, G. L. Popa,

Abstract: There is a lack of knowledge regarding the correct laboratory diagnosis and the public health importance of Listeria monocytogenes infections in pregnancy, in Romania. Although the number of reported listeriosis cases in Romania is very low; we consider it represents an important public health issue. We presume that general knowledge regarding the laboratory diagnostic practices for Listeria monocytogenes infection in pregnant women, negatively influencing two main pillars of the medical system (curative and preventive). We decided on a current situation overview based on a case study, our hypothesis being supported by an analysis of specialized literature. The incidence listeriosis increased in the EU during the past decade, mortality rates remaining stable, but very high. Therefore there is an actual concern for improving detection and surveillance for listeriosis in Europe. We need to underline the need for a more comprehensive assessment using public health tools, followed by a multidisciplinary project, implemented for the benefit of future mothers and children.
Keywords: listeriosis, diagnosis, public health, pregnancy

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