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Assessment of the Intrarenal Vascularization in Preeclampsia

A. Caraba, C. Şerban, C. D. Muţiu, I. Romoşan

Abstract: The aim of this study is represented by the assessment of the intrarenal vascularization, using color Doppler ultrasonography of the interlobar renal arteries. The study was performed on two groups of pregnant women: group A, formed by 10 women with uncomplicated pregnancies, and group B, formed by 10 pregnant women with preeclampsia. Assessment of the intrarenal vascularization was done by color Doppler ultrasonography of the interlobar renal arteries, using ALOKA 4000 SSD with 3.5 MHz convex transducer. Resistive index (RI), pulsatility index (PI), and acceleration time (AT) were determined in all cases. Statistical analysis was done using nonparametric test, p0.05). The values of PI were 1.13±0.06 (group A), 1.11 ± 0.04 (group B) (p>0.05). The values of AT were 70.1 ± 8.78 msec. (group A), 122.2 ± 24.58 msec. (group B) (p<0.001). In pregnant women with preeclampsia, resistive index and pulsatility index have normal values, but acceleration time is prolonged, due to arterial renal vasoconstriction.
Keywords: interlobar renal arteries, preeclampsia, prolonged acceleration time

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