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Mutation Compensation in Breast Cancer Gene Therapy: a New Promising Approach

G. Ioannis, Z. Stefanos, N. Iordanis

Abstract: Despite development and efforts being made worldwide in order to prevent deaths from breast cancer, it remains one of the leading causes of death for women. Available treatment modalities appear limited success and consequently new and complementary strategies have arisen. The last decade molecular basis of breast cancer has been extensively studied and delineated making gene therapy a potential new therapeutic approach. Gene therapies approaches can be generally categorized as follows: mutation compensation, molecular chemotherapy, proapoptotic gene therapy, antiangiogenic gene therapy, genetic immunopotentiation and genetic modulation of resistance/sensitivity. Clinical trials in which a multidisciplinary approach was followed combining gene therapy with chemotherapy or radiation therapy have shown promising results. Purpose of this review paper is to analyze mutation compensation as a promising approach in treating breast cancer.
Keywords: breast cancer, gene therapy, mutation compensation

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