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Cushing Syndrome in Pregnancy – Review of the Literature and Case Report

M. Muşat, B. Stănescu, D. Grigorie, R. Dănciulescu, D. Hortopan, V. Nicolicea, D. Aflorei, C. Poiana

Abstract: Cushing syndrome rarely occurs in pregnancy and even more rarely is thought of, due to overlapping features with normal pregnancy. Yet let untreated, this condition can impair the normal course of pregnancy and may lead to maternal and fetal complications. To illustrate the condition, we present the case of a 33year old woman who was diagnosed with adrenal Cuhing’s syndrome at 30 weeks of gestation, despite having had red striae since 1st trimester and hypertension and gestational diabetes since the 2nd trimester. Due to late diagnosis, this case could only be treated conservatively before delivery which was performed at 34 weeks of gestation. We reviewed the literature with respect to alterations of the pituitary-adrenal function in normal pregnancy, addressing the difficulties of diagnosis and management of Cushing’s syndrome in this state.
Keywords: Cushing’s syndrome, pregnancy

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