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Intravaginal Functional Electrical Stimulation in the Treatment of Overactive Bladder: Results of 3 Years Follow-up

L. Yaşar, K. Savan, S. Sönmez, C.

Abstract: To evaluate the long term results of intravaginal functional electrical stimulation therapy in women with overactive bladder. Functional electrical stimulation was applied in 65 cases with over active bladder and 52 of them completed 3 years follow-up period. The cases were evaluated by urinary diary and multichannel urodynamics. Urinary symptoms and quality of life scores were recorded before and after the treatment. The quality of life scores before and after functional electrical stimulation (1 week, 1 year and 3 years) were 13.1 ± 7.45, 3.21 ± 4.71, 2.52 ± 2.93, 3.26 ± 4.28, respectively (P< 0.05). The urinary symptoms (urgency, urge incontinence, frequency) were also significantly improved after functional electrical stimulation. Functional electrical stimulation is a simple, non-invasive, cheap and effective therapeutic option for detrusor over activity. The quality of life scores of our cases were improved significantly even 3 years after the therapy.
Keywords: Over-active bladder, FES, QOL score

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