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Contribution of 3D power Doppler ultrasound to the evaluation of fetoplacental circulation

C. M. Mihu, D. Mihu, N. Costin, S. Dudea, M. Oancea, R. Ciortea

Abstract: Three-dimensional ultrasound is a new method, based on the possibility of acquisition of a volume, in which the area of interest can be examined in various planes. The combination of 3D and power Doppler ultrasound provides important information on the spatial distribution of vessels in the studied organ. 3D power Doppler ultrasound applied to the placenta may contribute to the evaluation of fetoplacental circulation. The determination of placental vascularization indices makes ultrasound a quantitative method for the evaluation of placental vascularization. This type of examination can bring a real benefit in the monitoring of the evolution of pregnancies.
Keywords: placenta, 3D Power Doppler ultrasound, vascularization indices

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