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DNA versus RNA methods for human papillomavirus detection in cervical samples

G. Anton, D. Socolov, Z. Sgarbură, F. Corniţescu, C. D. Goia, I. V. Iancu, A. Pleşa, S. Teleman

Abstract: Human papillomavirus DNA testing can not discriminate between transient or persistent infections. Detection of E6/E7 viral oncogenes expression might represent a better tool for monitoring women at risk. The aim of the present study was to assess the significance of HPV E6/E7 mRNA presence versus DNA testing in order to identify women with HPV persistent infections. Cervical specimens from 108 women (median age 32.2 years) were analyzed for HPV DNA (Linear Array HPV Genotyping, Roche) and for E6/ E7 RNA transcripts (using PreTect HPVProofer). As we know, this is the first study regarding E6/E7 RNA testing in Romania. Results were compared with cytological data. The DNA tested positive and mRNA tested negative in 46.8% of cases. The rate of detection increased with the grade of cytological lesions (9.5% in NILM cases- 72.7% for HSIL grading). Our results support the idea of HPV E6/E7 transcripts testing as a useful tool for patient management.
Keywords: HPV, genotyping, E6/E7 RNA

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