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Clinical experience in chemotherapy treatment for advanced-stage ovarian cancer

M. Dumitru, M. Făgărăşanu, C. Cezar, S. Bădescu, R. Tudosa, D. Soloviev, P. Vârtej

Abstract: Analyzing an alternative ovarian cancer treatment by the intraperitoneal administration of alpha-interferon plus cisplatin, as well as intravenously administering cyclophosphamide. For the study of the advanced stages of ovarian cancer (IIc-IV), that included 67 female patients, two distinct therapeutic protocols were used that followed surgery. The first protocol consists of the standard intravenous administration of cytostatic drugs (Protocol I), while the second one is primarily based on the intraperitoneal administration of cytostatics plus alpha- interferon (Protocol II). The study shows the superiority of the intraperitoneal administration of drugs for small size residual tumors, when compared to control. Our study shows that this therapeutic protocol may be safely and effectively administered, the results obtained being promising for small size residual tumors.
Keywords: advanced-stage ovarian cancer, chemotherapy, intraperitoneal, interferon, cisplatin

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