"> DOI:10.18643/gieu.2017.65
"> DOI:10.18643/gieu.2017.65
"/> Controversies in the role of vitamin D in infertility
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Controversies in the role of vitamin D in infertility

R. Viezuină, C. Ionescu, M. Banacu, F. Birsasteanu, I. Popescu, M. Dimitriu

Abstract: The study that implicates vitamin D in playing a role in fertility is compelling, and it is backed up by sound hypothesis. Nevertheless, further research needs to be assess for the health benefits and reaching appropriate levels. This could represent a starting point of a new domain which could find simple approaches to improve health. Notwithstanding fertility benefits, patients should have vitamin D supplementation for health benefits, including pregnancy health, bone health and chronic disease risk reduction. This review is based on the results of clinical trials and studies published in medical journals and database from the moment it was first acknowledged until nowadays. We aim to present the evolution of the perspective on the subject and the new findings surrounding it. Vitamin D has its well-known function in calcium and phosphorus hemostasis, and its deficiency is predominant in high-risk populations, but the prevalence among healthy or asymptomatic adults is not well defined. Several theories and hypothesis have been launched over the last years regarding the etiology of vitamin D deficiency, none of them being flawless or able to explain the entire panel of symptoms. Taken into consideration the insufficiency of vitamin D which could have implications also in infertility, especially in young fertile women, the newest research could lead to new supplementation of vitamin D in the treatment of both women and male infertility management.

Keywords: vitamin D, fertility, reproduction, management.

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