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Vol. 10 Issue 2 May 2014

1. The role of modified myocardial performance index (Tei index) in exploring fetal cardiac function
C. Mihăilescu, M. Mitran, B. Marinescu

2. Evaluation of pregnant women at risk of preterm delivery by correlating ultrasound markers with Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1
A. Gogănău, A. Patrascu, L. Novac

3. ‚See and treat’ strategy for HSIL: correlation between colposcopy and histopathology
C. Dragosloveanu, R. Vlădăreanu

4. Single umbilical artery – marker for chromosomal abnormalities: report of two postnatal cases
V. Plaiasu, D. Ochiana, G. Motei, C. Cristea, F. Brezan, I. Anca

5. Acute torsion of pedunculated subserosal uterine leiomyoma: a case report
M. Domazou, K. Chatoupis, I. Kandiliotis, K. Gemmos, S. Vlachos

6. Ultrasonography in the screening of augmented breasts’ cancer
L. Bălăceanu, C. Diaconu, G. Aron

7. Total pelvic exenteration as a potentially curative surgical procedure in locally advanced gynecologic malignancy
N. Bacalbașa, A. Filipescu, I. Bălescu

8. Quaternary cytoreductive surgery in ovarian cancer. A literature review.
N. Bacalbasa, I. Balescu, A. Filipescu

9. Predictive markers of intrauterine growth restriction
M. Moga, M. Mihalache, C. Arvatescu, A. Pascu, D. Tint, V. Burtea, C. Anastasiu, N. Bigiu

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