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Vol. 10 Issue 4 December 2014

1. Total pelvic exenteration for pre-chimio-irradiated local invasive necrosed cervical tumor. A case report
N. Bacalbașa, I. Bălescu, C. Balalau, C. Ionescu

2. Torsion of term gravid uterus in a pregnancy obtained by intrauterine insemination. A case report.
C. Dragosloveanu, T. Maier, M. Moisa, S. Vladareanu

3. Is inflammation inducing hypoxic tissue modifications in placenta? A retrospective appraisal
Z. R. Ionescu, M. Sajin, G. C. Oprea, A. V. Dumitru, M. Cîrstoiu, S. Vladareanu

4. Biological markers compound with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry examination in the postoperative prediction of patients with postmenopausal osteoporotic fractures
R. Ene, P. Zsombor, P. Ene, R. Sinescu, M. Cirstoiu, D. Popescu, C. Cirstoiu

5. The influence of falling and fractures history on the quality of life in postmenopausal women
C. Capatina, M. Carsote, M. Berteanu, C. Poiana

6. Doppler monitoring significance of middle cerebral artery at over 38 weeks pregnancies in pre-labour
D. Dobritoiu, C. Pop-Began, S. Vladareanu

7. Gene polymorphism involment in endometriosis
A. M. Măluţan, N. Costin, D. Diculescu, R. Ciortea, O. Gaia, C. Bucuri, M. Rada, D. Mihu

8. Skin conditions during pregnancy
M. Tampa, C. Matei, A. Dumitru, I. Sarbu, T. Hangan, S. R. Georgescu

9. Cutaneous manifestations in pregnant women
M. M. Constantin, A. Neagu, T. Constantin, S. H. Morariu

10. Cervical neuroendocrine tumors. A literature review
B. Lintoiu, N. Bacalbașa, C. Ionescu

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