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Vol. 11 Issue 1 March 2015

1. Right and Left atrial isomerism. Two case reports.
C. Ionescu, E. Bratila, I. Pacu, M. Banacu, N. Bacalbasa

2. Fatal cardiomyopathy and hepatic dysfunction with acute onset due to mitochondrial trifunctional protein deficiency diagnosed by whole exome sequencing
E. Bratila, R. Stanculescu, M. Cirstoiu, D. Comandasu

3. Carcinoma of the cervical stump. A case report and literature review.
N. Bacalbasa, I. Balescu, C. Ionescu

4. Comparison of water and glucose in improving the biophysical profile score
N. Farshchian, M. Raisi, M. Rezaei

5. Correlation between preoperative diagnosis and histopathological changes in preneoplastic cervical lesions
I. Erdelean, D.A. Anastasiu, D. Grigoras, I. Sas, A. Dema, D. Anastasiu

6. Does inflammation influence placenta shape? A morphometric analysis regarding trophoblast and intervillous space
Z. Ionescu, G. Ionescu, M. Cirstoiu, O. Bodean, M. Sajin, S. Vladareanu, R. Vasiloiu

7. Influence of melatonin on plasma glucose-regulated protein 78 levels in ovariectomized female rats
R. Ciortea, A. Malutan, L. Angheluta, C. Bucuri, R. Baltoaica, M. Rada, D. Mihu

8. Menstrual synchronizing: myth or reality?
C. Matei, M. Tampa, I. Sarbu, A. Limbau, A. Dumitru, V. Benea, T. Hangan, S. Georgescu

9. Screening of maternal thyroid disease in pregnancy: a review
D. Badiu, S. Vladareanu, T. Hangan, D. Navolan, D. Grigoras, I. Sas, O. Nicodin, R. Vladareanu

10. Breast cancer tumor markers. A literature review.
N. Bacalbasa, A. Gireada, I. Balescu

11. Suspected fetal macrosomia and the risk of shoulder dystocia as an indication for cesarean section
S. Vladareanu, C. Andrei, D. Navolan, D. Badiu, T. Hangan, R. Vladareanu

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