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Vol. 12 Issue 1 March 2016

1. Acute cholecystitis in pregnancy. A case report
C. Mehedintu, F. Isopescu, O. Ionescu, S. Vladareanu, S. Pituru, E. Bratila, M. Cirstoiu, C. Berceanu, A. Secureanu

2. Body-stalk anomaly. A case report and review of the literature
C. Mehedintu, S. Vladareanu, E. Bratila, M. Cirstoiu, O. Ionescu, C. Berceanu, S. Pituru, A. Secureanu

3. Multicentric collaborative database in obstetrics and gynecology. Interdisciplinary Multicentric Working Group on Antenatal Research
D. Navolan, S. Vladareanu, R. Denk, M. Craciunescu, C. Kleist, A. Ratiu, I. Lahdou, D. Badiu, M. Craina, I. Sas, I. Ciohat, T. Hangan, O. Nicodin, B. Panaite, D. Grigoras, C. Ionescu, N. Bacalbasa, M. Onofriescu, R. Vladareanu, D. Nemescu

4. National genetic screening for endometrial cancer
R. Bohiltea, V. Radoi, N. Turcan, M. Cirstoiu

5. The influence of hormonal therapy on postmenopausal women with diabetes mellitus
M. Sandu, T. Hangan, M. Dumitru

6. The role of CA125 in diagnosis and follow-up of the patients with ovarian cancer
A. Gireada, I. Balescu, N. Bacalbasa, C. Balalau, M. Dimitriu, D. Navolan

7. Genetic aspects of endometrial cancer
R. Bohiltea, V. Radoi, N. Turcan, M. Cirstoiu

8. Progesterone and neuroprotection at menopause
M. Banacu, M. Dimitriu, L. Ples, A. Calin, R. Bohaltea, C. Ionescu

9. Fetal neuroprotective role of magnesium sulphate
I. Tarcomnicu, M. Dimitriu, L. Ples, M. Banacu, A. Calin, A. Nastas, D. Navolan, N. Bacalbasa, C. Ionescu

10. Nonsurgical treatment methods in urinary incontinence
M. Moga, A. Cosmuta, C. Arvatescu, L. acea, A. Mironescu, I. Samotă

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