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Vol. 12 Issue 2 May 2016

1. Lymph node involvement in endosalpingiosis. A case report and literature review
N. Bacalbasa, I. Balescu, D. Terzea

2. How to provide a genetic counseling in a simple case of antenatal diagnosis of achondroplasia
V. Radoi, R. Bohiltea, C. Bohiltea, M. Carstoiu, S. Vladareanu

3. Multiple digestive resections as part of primary cytoreduction in advanced stage epithelial ovarian cancer
N. Bacalbasa, I. Balescu

4. Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. Case report
A. Baros, M. Cirstoiu, R. Bohiltea, E. Bratila, D. Navolan, S. Vladareanu

5. Assisted reproductive technology in Europe: research, legal and ethical aspects
T. L. Hangan, D. Badiu, R. Vladareanu, M. Tampa, S. R. Georgescu, R. Bohiltea, D. Navolan, S. Vladareanu

6. The occurrence of the ureterohydronephrosis in advanced genital cancers in Romanian women: a small cohort study in Arad County Clinical Hospital
C. Para, I. Ioiart, V. Dascau

7. The effects of hormonal therapy on lipid profile and renal function in diabetic postmenopausal women
M. Sandu, T.L. Hangan, M. Dumitru

8. The Doppler profile of ovarian endometrioma
R. Ciortea, D. Diculescu, A. Malutan, C. Berceanu, R. Nicula, C. Bucuri, I. Oltean, M. Dudea, D. Mihu

9. Comparative study of quality of life in patients with C4-C6 CEAP stage chronic venous disease using CIVQ-20 questionnaire
T.L. Hangan, D. Navolan, S. Vladareanu, S. Chirila, G. Nicola

10. Asthma and pregnancy
A. Fildan, E. Bratila, D. Tofolean, E. Tudorache, E. Dantes

11. Predictive factors of early pregnancy failure. A literature review
C. Bucuri, A. Malutan, R. Ciortea, R. Nicula, C. Mihu, M. Istrate, D. Mihu

12. Ethical controversies in maternal surrogacy
S. Hostiuc, C. Iancu, I. Rentea, E. Drima, M. Aluas, T.L. Hangan, D. Badiu, D. Navolan, S. Vladareanu, V. Nastasel

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