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Vol. 5 Issue 1 February 2009

1. Pregnancy Outcomes following Preconception, Early and Late Administration of Vaginal Micronized Progesterone for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
M. Russu, R. Stănculescu, Ş. Nastasia, M. Păun, N. Mubarak1, J.A. Marin1, I. Lachanas

2. Pregnancy- Associated Plasma Protein A and Pregnancy Outcomes
V. Radoi, L.C. Bohiltea

3. Erythropoietin versus Restrictive Transfusion Guidelines
S. Stoicescu, M. Detrian

4. Pathologically Increased Endometrial Thickness in Ultrasound Examination: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
D. Polyzos, P. Economides, S. Zervoudis, G. Iatrakis, K. Lykeridou

5. Modern Fertility Preservation Methods in Female Malignancy
S. Zafeiriou, S. Zervoudis, P. Economides, D. Polyzos, G. Iatrakis, K. Lykeridou

6. HER-2/neu (c-erbB-2) Expression Assessment in Breast Cancer
N. Ioanid, E. Anton, D. Socolov

7. Melatonin, a Prognostic Marker in Oncologic Pathology
D. Mihu, N. Costin, R. Ciortea, C. Georgescu, V. M. C. , D. M. Groza,

8. Management of Postmenopausal Symptoms with Extended-Release Venlafaxine
M. Ladea, M. R. Dumitrescu, M. Şarpe,

9. Listeriosis in Pregnancy: a Public Health Problem in Romania?
M. Popa, G. L. Popa,

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