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Vol. 6 Issue 4 December 2010

1. Study of Intraplacental Vascularization by 3D Power Doppler Ultrasound in Pregnancies with Normal Evolution
C. M. Mihu, D. Mihu, T. ugan, S. Dudea, R. Ciortea, M. Oancea

2. Pregnancy, Parity and Maternal Age - Predictive Factors for Occurrence of Billiary Pathology (Gallstones and Sludge)?
I. Tica, V. Tica, O. Teren

3. The Effects of Smoking, Ozone Exposure and Alcohol on Pregnancy
M. L. Staicu, N. Costin, A. Mureşan, S. Tache, D. Daicoviciu

4. Interleukin-6 - a Marker of the Inflammatory Syndrome in Preeclampsia
D. Mihu, N. Costin, L. Sabău, M. Oancea, R. Ciortea, A. Maluţan

5. Fetal Pain and Fetal Anesthesia
R. Vlădăreanu, V. Zamfirescu, S. Constantinescu

6. Hand Disorders in Pregnancy: De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
N. Gheorghiu, H. Orban, R. Adam, D. Popescu

7. Psychotropic Treatments of Psychotic Disorders during Pregnancy
C. Tudose, S. Paveliu, F. Tudose

8. Endothelin I Activates the NAADP Signaling Complex on Myometrial Smooth Muscle Cell
A. Tica, V. Tica, O. S. Tica, E. Dun, S. Berceanu, I. Tica

9. Failure of Flexible Dose of Recombinant FSH as an Adjuvant to Clomiphene in Consecutive Intrauterine Insemination Cycles
M. B. Cetinkaya, H. S. Celik, Y. T. Alper, M. Tosun, F. D. Bildircin, A. Kokcu, H. E. Malatyalıoğlu

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