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Vol. 7 Issue 2 May 2011

1. Pineal cyst durin pregnancy and labor
H. Dede, S. Ozdogan, S. F. Dede

2. Reducing risks in invasive genetic procedures
A. C. Martin,

3. The autonomic innervation of the uterus
A. A. Tica, E. Dun, V. Tica, V. Cojocaru, O. S. Tica, S. Berceanu

4. Male body mass index and sperm parameters
A. Aghamohammadi, M. Shahidi

5. Paraaortic lymphadenectomy in oncologic gynecology
M. E. Căpîlna, B. Szabo, A. Toma, S. C. Rusu, S. Bîrciu, C. I. Puiac

6. Modulation of radicality in the surgery of early cervical cancer
E. Bratila, P. Bratila

7. Diagnostic performance of Cornier’ pipelle endometrial biopsy in comparison with dilatation and uterine curettage
T. Áron, S. Béla, L. Puşcaşiu, M. E. Căpîlna, L. Chira

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