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Vol. 7 Issue 4 December 2011

1. Coagulation factor deficiency associated with the recurrent abortion
C. A. Ispasoiu

2. The effects of hormone replacement and tamoxifen on spatial learning and active avoidance learning in ovariectimized rats
M. C. Terek, A. Keser, Y. H. Dogan, T. Dagcı, B. Zeybek, L. Kanit, S. Ozsener, S. Pogun

3. Cyclic ADP-ribose/Ca2+ system in uterine smooth muscle cells
V. I. Tica, V. Cojocaru, O. S. Tica, S. Berceanu, A. A. Tica

4. Importance of biochemical markers in placentation at the end of the first trimester
T. J. Levente, L. Puscasiu, K. S. Leo, B. L. Katalin, R. F. Francisc, S. Bela

5. Laparoscopic management of ovarian pregnancies: three cases
I. Sanverdi, E. E. Cogendez, Y. Akdemir

6. Late diagnosis of pseudo-renal failure associated with bladder injury after cesarean section
M. Kucukbas, Y. Akdemir, S. Cevrioglu, H. Sozen, A. Namazov

7. Teratoma and endometriotic ovarian cysts on ipsilateral ovary occuring after ectopic pregnancy. Case presentation of a rare association
A. Sindilar, R. Socolov, D. Socolov, C. Terinte, I. L. Anghelache

8. The future of gynaecological surgery - telesugery with haptic sensation
M. Stark, S. Gidaro, E. R. Morales

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