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Vol. 8 Issue 1 February 2012

1. Association of pre-pregnant body mass index and gestational weight gain with timing of delivery
L. Puscasiu, H. Roman, R. Newman, T. F. Hulsey, T. C. Hulsey

2. Assessment of serum amyloid A levels in preeclamptic women and healthy pregnant women


3. MRI imaging in endometriosis: personal study and pictorial review
R. O. Chistol, C. Furnica, M. M. Leon

4. A case of iatrogenic urinary incontinence following an intravaginal sling with transobturator passage
L. Pirtea, D. Grigoras

5. Laparovaginal surgery in early cervical cancer
E. Brătilă, P. Brătilă

6. Vaginoscopy and vaginal foreign body in children: case report
S. Šijanović, D. Vidosavljević, M. K. Petrović

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