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Vol. 8 Issue 2 May 2012

1. Clinical applications of uterine cervical length assessment by transvaginal ultrasonography for preventing preterm birth
a. Nemescu, M. Onofriescu

2. Epigenetics in placental development
M. Moga, I. Vasile

3. Medical treatment for uterine fibroids: Does current evidence mandate a change in clinical guidelines?
L. Puşcaşiu

4. Endometriosismedroxiprogesterone versus triptorelinum
C. Cristescu, A. Veliscu, B. Marinescu, C. Damian

5. Value of visceral fat assessment in identifying metabolic syndrome in overweight females with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
D. Stoian, D. B. Navolan

6. The effects of Ulipristal on surgically induced endometriosis in a rat model
C. A. Huniadi, T. A. Antal, F. Stamatian

7. Is the cure of severe involuntary urinary loss by surgical repair of the bladder neck area of vagina possible?
I. A. M. Funogea, K. Goeschen, P. Petros

8. Ifracoccigeal sacropexy and sacrospinous fixation in the treatment of masive enterocele and posterior fornix syndrome
D. Grigoras, L. Pirtea, M. Bacila, R. Ilina, P. Pirtea, A. M. Funogea

9. Development of an e-learning environment for anatomical female pelvic region
N. Hu, X. Zheng, L. Tan, X. Li, J. Shan

10. Interleukin 10 gene polymorphisms and recurrent pregnancy loss in Romanian population
V. E. Radoi, C. L. Bohiltea, C. Bara

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