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Vol. 8 Issue 3 September 2012

1. Comparison of the efficacy of seprafilm, interceed, adept, preclude membrane and spraygel in a rat model
C. Y. Sanhal, T. Cirpan, A. M. Ergenoglu, A. O. Yeniel, A. Akdemir

2. The prognostic value of biometric data in placentation at the end of the first trimester
L. J. Turos, L. K. Bereczky, F. F. Rozsnyai, S. L. Kiss, L. Puscasiu, B. Szabo

3. Morphogenetic assessment of the fetus using ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy. Can we save money and time?
A. C. Martin, D. Iliescu, S. Tudorache, A. Comanescu, M. Ioana, A. Cimpoeru, F. Mixich, P. Antsaklis, L. Novac, N. Cernea, A. Stan, A. Antsaklis

4. Effects of leiomyomas less than 5 cm in diameter on the outcomes of assisted reproductive technology
D. Oztekin, K. Sofuoglu, E. Caliskan, B. Kars, T. Cetinkaya, N. Tug

5. Bilateral loss of vision in severe preeclampsia case
D. G. Popa, C. M. , A. Nicolcescu, D. Barascu, L. Novac

6. Secondary abdominal pregnancy following silent uterine rupture of five-fold cesarean section scar during early pregnancy
L. Akman, B. S. Hursitoglu, E. Eminov, M. C. Terek, H. Yilmaz

7. Synchronous primary endometrial and vaginal carcinoma in a virgin premenopausal patient
M. Sakinci, C. Y. Sanhal, A. E. Guler, F. D. Bildircin, O. Aydin

8. Fetal proinsulin and insulin and placental weight in pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes and obesity
A. J. Marin, C. I. Tirgoviste

9. Alpha interferon and ribavirin impact on pregnancy
C. Popescu, M. Radulescu, G. A. Popescu, V. Arama

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