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Vol. 9 Issue 1 February 2013

1. Is maternal HBsAg carrier status associated with adverse pregnancy outcome?
M. Moga, C. Anastasiu, N. Bâgiu

2. Single layer closure of the uterine wound at caesarean section. A safe technique?
C. Anastasiu, A. M. Dull, M. Moga

3. Clinical study regarding the link between cystathionine β-synthase 844ins68 polymorphism and maternal risk for Down syndrome
R. Cretu, D. Neagos, V. E. Radoi, R. C. Sfetea, C. L. Bohiltea

4. Postpartum hemorrhages
D. P. Pană, C. Georgescu, M. Mitran

5. Complete spontaneous rupture of the uterine fundus on an unscarred malformed uterus (double uterus) in a 15 weeks of pregnancy
C. A. Ionescu, C. Coroleuca

6. Live births trend in Romania: 2007-2025 alternative projection
E.C.I. Bratu, D.G. Minca, F.L.G. Furtunescu, R.V. Costea

7. Genital Herpes. An underestimated infection in Romania
V. I. Arama, R. Vladareanu, R. A. Mihailescu, C. N. Popescu, C. V. Tiliscan, A. A. Rafila, M. L. Radulescu, A. C. S. Cercel

8. Intrauterine growth restriction: perinatal assessment in predicting the offspring neurologic impairment. A 2 years prospective study
S. Constantinescu, M. Deneș, R. Vlădăreanu

9. Current insights into the study and management of preeclampsia
M. Bari, G. Peltecu, A. Veduta, A. Atanasiu

10. The implications of pre-pregnancy overweight in the pregnancy outcomes and further development
D. B. Navolan, C. Andrei, D. Badiu, A. E. Tigla, S. Constantinescu, R. Vladareanu

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