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Vol. 9 Issue 2 May 2013

1. Vaginal myomectomy for subserosal and intramural fibroids
O. Nicodin, B. Panaite, N. Niculescu, A. Cucu, I. Niculescu, R. Kho, V. Tica

2. A study on medical students of knowledge regarding contraception
A. Pătrașcu, A. M. Gogănău, M. Dumitrescu, R. Iovan, C. M. Damian, B. V. Cotoi, C. Achim

3. Umbilical cord activin A concentration in pregnancies complicated by mild preeclampsia and relationship between activin A levels and Doppler
H. Aksoy, U. Aksoy, G. Acmaz, M. Babayigit, A. Ergun

4. Perinatal complications of amniocentesis
E. Yilmaz, O. A. Tosun, O. Demirci, S. A. Arinkan, M. Uludogan

5. Transobturator tape for female stress urinary incontinence: short term results after surgical procedure
A. Han, O. S. Aksakal, C. H. Ark, A. M. Misirlioglup, I. Alkis, M. Bakacak, M. Doganay

6. Establishment of a Romanian database and biological sample collection for antenatal research
D. Navolan, I. Ciohat, V. agoi, S. Constantinescu, D. Badiu, R. Timar, M. Onofriescu, R. Denk, R. Vladareanu

7. Interleukin–20 levels during menopause and relation with obesity
A. M. Malutan, N. Costin, R. Ciortea, C. I. Iuhas, M. P. Rada, D. Mihu

8. Maternal risk factors in newborns with plurimal formative syndromes
R. Marian, M. Simon, A. Sin, M. Cucerea

9. Alveolar ridge at 11-13 weeks screening - a 3D ultrasound study
C. Marginean, C. O. Marginean, K. Brinzaniuc, S. Voidazan, T. S. Pop

10. Overtreated recurrent subocclusive syndrome after radiotherapy and radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer: case report
D. Vasile, R. C. Iancu, G. Iancu, A. P. Cherecheanu

11. Large vulvar lipoma coexisting with cervical cancer in a 66-year-old woman
G. A. Filipescu, N. Clim, M. Denes, I. Tudose, C. Niculiu, R. Vladareanu

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