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Vol. 9 Issue 3 September 2013

1. Heart failure in pregnant women. A difficult therapeutic approach
C. C. Diaconu, A. L. Balaceanu, D. Bartos, R. Vladareanu

2. Intrauterine growth restriction. Department experience and literature review
L. Radulescu, O. Munteanu, M. M. Cirstoiu, F. Popa

3. Can fetal cranial circumference determine the cause and predict cephalopelvic disproportion?
O. Munteanu, L. Radulescu, A. T. Ispas, F. C. Cirstoiu, M. M. Cirstoiu

4. Correlations between Babes-Papanicolaou’s findings and immunosuprression in Human Immunodeficiency Virus infected women
S. Halichidis, S. C. Cambrea, G. Resul, L. Mocanu, I. Costandache, N. Ceamitru, O. C. Arghir

5. Vaginal hysterectomy on scarred uterus
B. Panaite, O. Nicodin, M. Onofriescu

6. Congenital infections prevention knowledge and practices among Romanian pregnant women
G. L. Popa, E. C. Neagu, A. F. Nita, M. I. Popa

7. Brachial plexus injury after a left-side modified radical mastectomy associated with patient positioning in the operating room
D. A. Cristian, F. A. Grama, T. Burcos, A. Poalelungi

8. Clinical and ethical issue regarding cesarean section in HIV young woman with severe tuberculous disease
S. Halichidis, S. C. Cambrea, M. M. Ilie, L. Irimiea, O. C. Arghir

9. Current guidelines recommendations for management of group B streptococcal infections in pregnant women
R. Jipa, A. Hristea, V. Arama

10. Modern management in fetal ventriculomegaly diagnosed in the second trimester of pregnancy
I. Pacu, C. Coroleuca, S. Constantinescu, C. A. Ionescu

11. The role of microsurgery in the treatment of male infertility in Romania
M. C. Harza, S. N. Voinea, R. Vladareanu

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