"> DOI:10.18643/gieu.2016.177
"> DOI:10.18643/gieu.2016.177
"/> Classical curettage versus Karman aspiration curettage. A comparative study
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Classical curettage versus Karman aspiration curettage. A comparative study

L. ┼×erb─ânescu

Abstract: The present study try to assess the difference between the classical curettage and Karman aspiration curettage in pregnancies between 6-8 weeks of amenorrhea or pregnancies stopped in evolution before 6-8 weeks. The study was developed on 200 women from Santerra Medical Center and Sana-Med Polyclinique from Constanta, between August 2011 and July 2016. The women were divided into 2 groups, the 1st Group (n=100) having classical uterine curettage and the 2nd Group (n=100) having Karman aspiration curettage. All the patients from the study have been adapted for a pre-counseling of the cervix with 600 ug prostaglandin E1 intra-vaginal administrated with 4 h before intervention. The characteristics like demographic variables, parity, gestational by grade and age were analysed. The demographic variables showed that the patients from the 2nd Group were not statistical different than the patients from the 1st Group (p=0.006). The distribution of parity from the 2nd Group seems not to differ from the 1st Group (p=1). The same results was obtained for gestational by grade (p=1). The distribution by age of the patients (p=1) and the difference of uterus scars between the 2 groups were also very similar (p=0.749). In the present study, for pregnancies stopped in evolution especially between 6 - 8 weeks, it is indicated the use of Karman curette instead of classical one, considering the lower risk of intrauterine debris.

Keywords: curettage, Karman, pregnancies, nulliparous.

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