"> DOI:10.18643/gieu.2016.190
"> DOI:10.18643/gieu.2016.190
"/> Early ultrasound evaluation for fetal cardiovascular congenital abnormalities
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Early ultrasound evaluation for fetal cardiovascular congenital abnormalities

C. Berceanu, E. Brătilă, S. Berceanu, I. Gheonea, M. Cîrstoiu, C. Mehedințu, R. Ciortea, O. Munteanu, R. Bohâlţea, I. Horhoianu, S. Vlădăreanu

Abstract: The spectacular evolution of the ultrasound equipment and techniques has allowed the assessment of the fetal heart increasingly earlier during the gestation, as well as the diagnosis of the fetal abnormalities in the first trimester of pregnancy. Transvaginal ultrasound and transabdominal ultrasound are used in early fetal echocardigraphy. Studies have shown that the heart defects diagnosed early in gestation are more complex and have a high degree of association with chromosomal abnormalities, compared to those diagnosed in the second trimester of pregnancy. There are many studies on the correlation between the increase in the nuchal translucency (NT) and congenital heart defects, NT being one of the most frequently studied and efficient screening parameters in maternal-fetal medicine. The morphology of the umbilical cord can be assessed in the first trimester of pregnancy by colour Doppler examination. Numerous anomalies associated with single umbilical artery are described. The principles of fetal echocardiography in the first trimester are similar to those of the morphological examination in the second trimester of pregnancy, with certain peculiarities and differences. The complete examination of the fetal heart, with minimal false results, can be done under the conditions of a trained and experienced examiner within the range of 12-13 gestational weeks. The examination route must be adapted to the particularities of the case. Early fetal echocardigraphy should be recommended only in the presence of a precise medical indication.

Keywords: fetal echocardigraphy, first trimester, Doppler, single umbilical artery, heart defects.

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