"> DOI:10.18643/gieu.2018.146
"> DOI:10.18643/gieu.2018.146
"/> Endocervical polyps as ethiological factors in infertility
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Endocervical polyps as ethiological factors in infertility

L. Șerbănescu

Abstract: Endometrial polyps are often seen as benign lesions in reproductive age women. Usually, it is recommended the resection of such polyps in infertile patients before starting any treatment or assisted reproductive pregnancy programs. Our study was based on 25 cases of endocervical polyposis who reported for infertility between 2015-2018 at Santerra Medical Center Constanta from Romania. Patients were both clinically and paraclinically in normal limits. Furthermore, the results of sexual partner sperm counts were within normal limits. Diagnosis of endocervical polyps was established after their extraction and referral to the histopathological examination. The results showed that the percentage of pregnancies obtained at 1 year without the use of any other fertility product was 72%, sustaining the resection of the polyps idea for the further positive fertilization.

Keywords: endometrial polyps, lesions, resection, fertility.

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